Demodicosis: Diagnosis and Treatment
Demodicosis: Diagnosis and Treatment
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What Is Demodex Folliculorum?
Demodex(D.) folliculorum is a type of mite that is microscopic in size, so you won’t be able to diagnose its presence on your own. D. folliculorum lives within the hair follicles on human skin, feeding on dead skin cells. In fact, it is not a big problem for skin health. However, it can be problem if the number of D. folliculorum is abnormally increased. In general, one or two D. folliculorum are in one follicle, but when you are tired or stressed out or immunity decreases, they can increase to 5 per follicle and as much as 10 per follicle.  D. folliculorum becomes problematic if they exacerbate preexisting skin conditions, such as rosacea. There is also increasing evidence that large amounts can cause skin problems.

What Do Demodex Folliculorum Do?
If you have large number of Demodex folliculorum, it may cause skin troubles like acnes and inflammation of scalp follicles to lose your hair and is known to cause rosacea. The exact mechanism by which the mites cause disease is unknown, but it might be high possibility its cause.  Most of rosacea patients have a large number of D. folliculorum. In some cases, there are not many numbers of D. folliculorum which are expected to penetrate into the dermis and cause rosacea by causing extreme inflammatory and immune reactions.

Dr. Kang(Q Dermatology Clinic) said, "Some people have a great fear of D. folliculorum and Demodicosis, but they don’t have to worry about it because it is like a cold to our skin.”

How To Diagnosis of Demodicosis by Demodex Folliculorum
It calls ‘Demodicosis ‘which caused by increasing Demodex folliculorum abnormally. Deomdicicosis in human may have a rosacea-like appearance. It looks very similar with acne. According to Dr. Wonhyeong Kang, Owner & President of Q Dermatology Clinic, said when he met many patients who visit the clinic for acne, but it is not acne, but demodicosis.
Demodicosis, acne and folliculitis look similar, but they differ. Accurate diagnosis is important because treatment should be different as it is a totally different disease.

  1. Demodicosis
    Demodicosis is a disease in which the immune system is weak and D. folliculorum multiply, causing inflammation.
  2. Acne
    Acne is caused by the proliferation of anaerobic acne bacteria by blocking pores without sebum exiting from pores and hair follicles are infected by bacteria such as yellow staphs infiltrating hair follicles due to poor immunity or unsanitary environment.
  3. Folliculitis
    Folliculitis can be improved with metronidazole-based antibiotics and often with the disinfection effect of benzoyl peroxide gel, which is prescribed for acne.

Demodicosis Treatment
You can prevent the growth of Demodex folliculorum simply by keeping your skin clean. Occasionally, folk remedies such as vinegar cleansing are performed, which can irritate the skin and be dangerous. It is also not good to keep makeup on for a long time because makeup products clog pores and create a good environment for demodex to grow. Demodex multiply due to lack of immunity, so it is most important to pay attention to own immune system.
You may want to get rid of D. folliculorum completely, but it is almost impossible.  Dr. Kang said, “The increase in the number of D. folliculorum is reduced to number of 2 to 3, but it is difficult to eliminate even the normal D. folliculorum. D. folliculorum treatment is a concept that controls the proliferated D. folliculorum to a normal level. Even if we eliminate 100% of D. folliculorum from our body, it can be transmitted again at any time through contact with other people. Some people have a great fear of D. folliculorum and Demodicosis, but they don’t have to worry about it because it is like a cold to our skin.”

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