[New Technology Series] ‘Platoning’ with PlaDuo!
[New Technology Series] ‘Platoning’ with PlaDuo!
  • Philip Choi
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Interviewer: Inhong Yoo(MedicalAesthetic)
Interviewee: Dr. Munsang KI(NB Clinic)

[Q] When did you buy it?

[A] It has been almost 2 years.

[Q] Why did you purchase PlaDuo?

[A] Interest in plasma is increasing in the beauty industry. Plasma is an energy source that can play an important role in next-generation medical devices. So, pasma is often called “the fourth state of matter”. In particular, the performance of plasma is getting remarkable in the medical field. The reason why I chose PlaDuo is that I have a lot of trust in the manufacturer, SHEnB, which is known as a company with over 20 years of experience in the field of medical Aesthetic devices. CEO of SHEnB, Sunyoung KANG, is also my acquaintance from hometown and a junior at school.

PlaDuo is a product that received the FDA approval last December. SHenB is a company that focuses on evidence first and then sells its product. In addition, they prioritize the publication of papers for renowned journals. VIVACE has also acquired the FDA approval. As people say doctors speak with papers, the company tries to write a lot of papers based on evidence. Also, I know that most of the company's personnel are working in the research area. 20~30% of the employees are R&D members. As it invests a lot in research and development, I really trust the company, and I actually used their product and it was quite good.

[Q] What are PlaDuo’s indications?

[A] Argon shows excellent effects in sterilization, antibacterial, and sebum control in acne. It is also excellent in wound healing, that is, it has an excellent effect in speeding up wound healing. Argon is often used to treat acne.

Nitrogen improves skin tone, i.e. pigmentation. In our clinic, it is named 'Platoning', and it is much more effective if you perform it before laser toning or picotoning. After PlaDuo, if you perform Fractional laser and skin booster, you can enhance the penetration effect. It is good for penetrating a large amount of skin booster in a short time. If you use PlaDuo as the base, it plays a role in maximizing the treatment effect like the icing on the cake. I also use it for pigmentation treatment, and as it can promote the generation of fibroblasts, I apply it for rejuvenation treatment.

[Q] How is the procedure different from general laser treatment?

[A] The parameters are uncomplicated and fixed. In other words, parameters are already set, so it is not that difficult if you use it for the appropriate indication. Also, there’s no scar or downtime, so it is available every week.

[Q] Some people worry that plasma generates ozone.

[A] That's the reason I chose PlaDuo. Actually, cheap plasma devices are not without such concerns. Therefore, I think it’s better to use expensive specialized hospital devices. It's a bit pricey but it's more reliable compared to cheap ones.

[Q] How do patients react? How do you explain plasma to your patients?

[A] I tell my patients that it does not interfere with their everyday activities, and that it is a basic treatment to maximize the effect before pigmentation or acne treatment. Indeed, many patients talked about high improvement. Since there are many homecare plasma devices on the market, they know a lot about plasma. And I say that PlaDuo is for hospital use, so its effect is much better than home devices.

[Q] Is there anything to improve?

[A] Although it can be used safely and comfortably, the effect of a single treatment session is small.

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